SiD Monthly Cleanup Tasks

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Use your admin-level super powers to keep your data squeaky clean. Check these items at least once a month.


Find students who do not have an Educational Functioning Level (EFL) for the current year. These students have no test or their last test is too old to set an EFL.

  • On the Reports tab> Data Cleanup Reports, click the No EFL link.
  • Look for academic students without a test. It’s OK for students with <12 hrs to have no EFL. But you don’t have to wait until they hit 12 hours, either. Test ASAP to determine an EFL.

Desk Audit

Find students who are missing info needed for NRS program year reports.

  • Go to the Reports tab>Data Cleanup Reports section. Click the Desk Audit report link.
  • Run the report for the current NRS program year (July-June).
  • See the Help Center article Desk Audit Report for info on each table - what to look for and how to fix errors.

NRS Primary Goals

Make sure students have been given credit for passing the GED and diploma.

  • Go to the Reports tab>Outcome Reports section. Click NRS Primary Goals report link.
  • Filters: Set the report Start and End Dates to the current NRS Program year (July-June). Select Enrollees (All Students).
  • See the Help Center article NRS Primary Goals Report for what to look for and how to fix errors.

Duplicate Report

Compare last names, first names, and birthdates to find duplicate records. Then merge duplicates.

  • On the Reports tab> Data Cleanup Reports section, click the Duplicate Report.
  • Compare records for people with the same last name, first name, and birthdate. Double check middle names/initials in case there really are 2 people with the same names and birthdates.
  • If you are SURE that the people are duplicates, merge their records. See the Help Center article Merging People Records.

Students Absent X Days

Check for scheduled students with no attendance in any class for the number of days you select. Make sure attendance entry is up to date before running the report.

  • On the Reports tab> Data Cleanup Reports, click the Students Absent X Days link. Enter the number of days since last attendance; 30 days is best practice, unless your program policy is different. Run the report.
  • Check the Last Hours column.
    • For students with a date: exit the student from classes they have not attended in a while. Use the last attendance date as the Exit Date. (Students in a waiting list class do not have to be exited.)
    • For students with No Attendance: these people have zero hours in ANY class.

Make sure no student time has been overlooked. Enter all hours on the Students>Time screen.

If you cannot find any hours, delete the student enrollment from all classes* OR give an End Date and possibly comment that they never showed. *See Delete a Student Enrollment from a Class.

Class rosters: students with no hours

Browse each class roster to find currently enrolled students with zero attendance hours.

Tip - remind your teachers to do this regularly!

  • From the Classes tab, select the desired class.
  • Classes>Summary screen: in the Currently Enrolled section, scan the Last Hours column for blanks.
  • Look for and enter student class hours. If you cannot find any hours, you have a couple of options:
  1. Delete the student enrollment from the class. (Note: There’s no need to unenroll zero-hours students with very recent start dates.) See Delete a Student Enrollment from a Class
  2. Give an End Date and Comment that the person never showed up - if your program tracks this type of history about a student.
  • To move to the next Classes>Summary screen, click the  navigation button in the top right corner.

Ended Classes with Enrolled People

Find classes that have ended but still show people as currently enrolled.

  • On the Reports tab> Data Cleanup Reports, click on Ended Classes with Enrolled People.
  • Click on the name of a class in the results to go to the Classes>Summary.
    • If the class is still running, edit the Class End Date to a future date.
    • If the class is no longer open, exit all currently enrolled people on or before the Class End Date. See Enroll and Exit People from a Class.


Classes with no hours

Look for classes that generated no student hours during the year. (Waiting list classes with zero hours are OK.)

  • On the Classes tab, set the Active Dates to the current NRS Program year – July 1-June 30.
  • In the L Att (Last Attendance) column, click in the title box. This will sort the classes by the date attendance was last recorded.
    Blanks will appear at the top of the column. (Blanks mean no attendance has been entered for the class during the Active Dates range.)
  • Remove zero hours classes if appropriate. See Remove And/Or Recover a Class.

Classes no longer serving students

Check for classes with a future end date that, in real life, are no longer available to students.

  • On the Classes tab, set the Active Dates to the current NRS Program year – July 1-June 30.
  • Scan the list of class names. When you find a class that should be closed, select it from the list. On the Classes>Summary screen, edit the Class End Date to the date the class stopped serving students.
    See Close (End) a Class.

Staff and volunteers are no longer working with your ABE program

When people are no longer employed by or volunteering in your ABE program, deactivate them.
See Deactivate or Reactivate Staff, Volunteers.

  • On the Staff or Volunteer tab, search for “active” people who are not with your program.
  • Exit former staff/volunteers from all classes.
  • Create a Program Status Exit row on the history screen.
  • Be sure to remove database login privileges, if any.
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