Shared staff: Give Multi-Site Access

This article describes how to allow staff to log in to more than one SiD ABE database.

  • Staff who are granting access must have SiD Admin level privileges.
  • Staff cannot give themselves multi-site access, even if they have Admin level privileges.
  • Staff must have an active staff record in all sites with the consortium. They are automatically given "supersite" rights, and will be able to run supersite reports for the entire consortium. 

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Summary of steps

  • Add staff to each site as needed.
  • Check to see which sites the staff person can already log into.
  • Create a login account if needed.
  • Ask staff person to confirm sites on the Home tab/Dashboard.

Add a staff person to more than one site

  1. Log into the first SiD site to which the staff person will be allowed access.
  2. Click the Staff tab. Look for the row with the name of the staff person to be added. When the person does not have a Staff record in the site, use Person Search to see if the person has been in another MN ABE program in the past.
    • If a matching record is found in the Person Search results, use the Add as STAFF link. Complete the form to add the existing person record to your site.
    • If there are no matching Person Search records, click the New STAFF link. Complete the form. Note: DO NOT create a new Staff record from scratch if one already exists in the statewide database.
  3. From the Staff tab, select the row with the person's name.
  4. Click the Staff>Accounts tab to see sites at which the person has been a staff member.
    • Staff with existing login privileges will show an email address on the left of the screen, as well as the login level/role.
    • The Sites section will show the names of sites at which the person has/had a Staff record. "[Inactive]" means the staff person was formerly, but is no longer, active at the site.
  5. Log into the next SiD site to which the staff person will be allowed access. 
  6. Repeat steps 2-4 until the person has a staff record in all desired sites.

Create a login account if needed

  • A staff person can have only ONE email/password login. The single login will cover all sites in which s/he is active.
  • When a staff person has a SiD login, all his/her active sites are automatically linked to the same single email/password.

If your staff person does not have an existing login, follow the instructions here to add login privileges.

Ask the staff person to confirm sites on the Home tab/Dashboard

By this point, the new staff person has been added to the desired sites and has a working login (email/password). The staff person's Home tab/Dashboard Site menu will show a list of site names from which the staff person can choose.

Ask the staff person to confirm that all the sites are now visible in the Site menu.

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