Overview: Manage Shared Staff

Like students, staff and volunteers should have only one record in the SiD statewide data system. Always check Person Search to see if a staff person already has a SiD record. If so, use the Add as Staff button to add the person to your site.

Shared staff with login rights need special attention. If your staff is shared with another site (past or present), check out this help article: Shared Staff: Give Multi-site Access. If you prefer, contact us at for guidance. We can talk through the steps to make sure the staff person can see the appropriate site student records. We will also coordinate the change with data staff at the shared site.

Meanwhile, some important facts:

  • Shared staff can have only ONE email associated with their staff record.

  • Shared staff can have only ONE login level, meaning s/he cannot have a teacher login at one site and admin at another.

  • Shared staff can be active at one or more sites, and inactive at others.

  • The [Inactive] tag on the Staff>Account screen simply means the staff has an ABE Program Status>Exit Date. It does not mean the staff person can no longer log in to your site. That won't happen until the account is reset.
  • The email address associated with a staff person login can be changed at any time.

  • It's possible for a staff person at a past or present shared site to remove a staff login account. If the current login is removed, the staff person will not be able to log in to ANY site.
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