Overview: History Groups and Items

This article covers the basics of history groups and items.

The history tab is a timeline for students, staff, and volunteers. It collects info on changing events such as enrollment status, programming, goals, public assistance and work status.

History items come into play when:

  • people are added to your site;
  • updating existing people;
  • a person is deactivated (leaves your ABE program).

Add new-to-your-site people

When a new person is created from scratch or added from another site, many items you select on the “add” screens will be recorded on the history tab automatically. Other options, such as student goals, staff training, and volunteer availability, must be selected manually.

When adding a student to your site from another, check the NRS Program and NRS Tracking categories closely; you may need to record some end dates. For example, if the student was previously in a Corrections program, but isn’t any longer, add an End Date to the Corrections student history row. Use the date the student entered your program.

Update existing people

There are a couple of kinds of existing people – those who are currently active, and those who were part of your program in the past and have now returned.

Often a person active in your program will have new or revised history info. Students may reach a goal and set a new one. Or a teacher may attend training or earn additional certification.

Best practice: update history items as they happen, especially for staff and volunteers, who will have fewer changes. For students, some ABE programs ask teachers to review student progress monthly or quarterly and note any changes. Whether or not your program updates on a regular schedule, strive to keep student history items current.

When a former student, staff, or volunteer re-enters, be sure to review history groups and items and update as needed.


Tip! For returning students, use the Student Re-Entry button on the Students>Summary screen. It will guide you through required intake items. 

Deactivating people

When a person leaves your ABE program, make sure the history items are up-to-date. Click on these links for more specific details:

Creating custom history groups and items

If you have Admin level privileges, you can create your own history groups and items to record on student, staff, or volunteer records. See the details here: Create or edit site specific History groups/items

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