Deactivate (exit) a student from your program

Here are the general rules for deactivating a student who has left your program.

  1. Make sure all attendance hours have been recorded.
  2. Exit the student from all classes.
  3. Update changes made to History items created at your site. Pay close attention to these groups:
    • For NRS/WIOA or State Programs, put an End date on the history row when s/he is no longer in a Corrections, Family Lit, Conditional Work Referral, or other listed program.
    • For local credit based diploma or personal goals met by the student, create a new row and mark the Status as MET. Use the approximate date the student achieved the goal.
    • When a student earns a diploma or GED, create a new NRS/WIOA - Education history item with their latest schooling completion level, i.e. "Secondary School Diploma" or "Secondary Equivalent."
    • For Work Status or Public Assistance changes, create a new row; use the approximate date of the change.

Optional: From the ABE Program Status menu, create a new row. From the History Item list, choose Exit. The effective date should be on or very shortly after the last date attendance hours were recorded. (Last attendance hours can be viewed on the Students tab or Students>Summary subtab.)

There is no need to put end dates on history rows that have not changed.

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