Add/edit Site-Specific History items

Use the Site-Specific History Item feature to collect customized student, staff, or volunteer history details.

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Note: custom history items cannot be added to basic history groups. For example, you cannot add the custom item "WIC" to the Public Assistance group.

Custom groups and items:

  • can only be added by people with admin account privileges
  • appear on the Add Student/Staff/Volunteer intake screens
  • apply to the entire site

Once created, custom groups and items

  • can be viewed on the History subtab menus, but ONLY by the site that created the group/item
  • may be applied to new students/staff/volunteers on the electronic intake screen
  • may be added to an existing record as a new row on the history screen
  • appear as menu items on the Student History Items report

Add a new History Group and Item

  1. On the Admin tab, click the Site Specific History Items link.
  2. Create a new History Group:
    • Type the desired group name in the History Group Name box.
    • Select the people - student, staff, and/or volunteer - the History group applies to.
    • Click the Save button. The new group item will appear in the list below the form.
  3. Create a new History Item:
    • In the Add a New History Item form, choose the name of the desired History Group.
    • Type the item name in the box.
    • Click the Save button. The new history item will appear in the list below the form.
  4. Check the results on the appropriate Add New student/staff/volunteer screen.
    • Example: for History Groups that apply to students, click the Person Search tab.
    • Click the New Student button.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the new addition.
    • When done checking the custom history item, click Cancel.

When you select a custom item from the Add New screen, it will automatically add a history row to the Students/Staff/Volunteers>History screen.

Edit a History Group or Item

  1. On the Admin tab, click the Site Specific History Items link.
  2. Select the row with the group name or group name/item name to edit.
  3. On the History edit screen, make desired changes, then click Save Changes.


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