Create or edit site-specific History items

Use the Site-Specific History Item feature to collect customized student, staff, or volunteer history details.

Note: custom history items cannot be added to basic history groups. For example, you cannot add the custom item "WIC" to the Public Assistance group.

Custom groups and items:

  • can only be added by people with admin account privileges
  • appear on the Add Student/Staff/Volunteer intake screens
  • can be viewed on the History subtab, but ONLY by the site that created the group/item
  • apply to the entire site.

Create a new History Group and Item

  1. On the Admin tab, click the Site Specific History Items link. Create a new History Group:
    • Type the desired group name in the History Group Name box.
    • Select the people - student, staff, and/or volunteer - the History group applies to.
    • Click the Save button. The new group item will appear in the list below the form.
  2. Create a new History Item:
    • In the Add a New History Item form, choose the name of the desired History Group.
    • Type the item name in the box.
    • Click the Save button. The new history item will appear in the list below the form.
  3. Check the results on the appropriate Add New page. Example: for History Groups that apply to students, click the Person Search tab, then the Add New Student button. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view the new addition.

Example: apply a site-specific history item for a new student

When you select a custom item from the Add New Student screen, it will automatically add a history row to the Students>History screen.

Retrieve Site-specific history items in the future using the Reports tab> Students History Items report.

Edit a History Group or Item

  1. On the Admin tab, click the Site Specific History Items link.
  2. Select the row with the group name or group name/item name to edit.
  3. On the History edit screen, make desired changes, then click Save Changes.


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