Create logs on the Classes>Messages screen

Staff with admin login accounts can also create logs on the Students, Staff, and Volunteer>Log screens.

For a description of the various log types, click here: Student Logs Overview.

Create a log from the Classes>Messages screen

Select the desired class from the Dashboard or Classes tab, then click on the Messages subtab. 

  1. Select the type of log to be created.
  2. Type the info to appear in the log.
  3. If desired, type a Hide Date - a date after which the log entry will no longer be visible.
  4. Select the people in the class for whom the log entry will be created.
    - To choose one or more individuals, click the box in front of their name.
    - To choose everyone in the class, including the teacher and volunteers, click the Select All option.
  5. Click the Create Log(s) button.

Note that the current date will be automatically assigned to the newly created log. This date cannot be altered.

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