Create a distance learning proxy class

A separate class must be created to track distance learning (DL) students and their proxy hours. ("Proxy hours" refers to the time students spend working independently to complete DL lessons.)

Each DL curriculum platform needs its own proxy hours class.

To set up a class for DL proxy hours, complete the Add Class form as usual, paying attention to these areas:

  1. Class Name is no longer required to include name of the DL curriculum and the word "proxy." However, we recommend you continue to use them to easily identify DL proxy classes.
  2. Attendance Format - to enter proxy hours in chunks/blocks of time*, select "lab" (rather than "scheduled" time). This will allow you to type in a number of hours earned when entering attendance.
  3. Student Hour Type must say Distance Learning. (Only proxy hours should be marked with an Hour Type of distance learning. Do not mark this type for student/teacher contact hours.)
  4. Distance Learning Program - select the name of the DL curriculum from the menu.

*The state allows DL hours ONLY to be recorded on a single calendar day even when hours were earned over the course of several days.

For definitions of terms on this screen, see: Add Class Definitions chart

To learn how to enter DL attendance hours, see this article: Add Distance Learning Hours

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