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Distance learning (DL) students may have two types of hours: direct contact with staff and proxy hours.

  • Direct contact time may be earned during orientation, pre- and post-testing, supplemental instruction, etc. 
  • Proxy hours refer to the time students spend working independently to complete DL lessons. 

Entering DIRECT CONTACT time

Direct contact time may be recorded as classroom hours or as block hours not associated with a class. 

  • When a student is enrolled in a class, time may be recorded as regular instructional hours. Select the class from the Classes tab, go to the Attendance screen, and record daily hours for the student as usual.
  • When a student is NOT enrolled in a class, enter contact time as block hours. Select the student from the Students tab, then go to the Time tab. From the Hours Type menu, choose Contact or Counseling & Testing. DO NOT select Distance Learning, which is for proxy hours only. Select Block Time. Then enter the number of hours in the appropriate box and Save.


Students who are earning proxy hours must be enrolled in a specially designated class. For details, see Create a Distance Learning Class.

Option 1: Proxy hours may be recorded as a single chunk of time, usually at the end of each month. Hours are recorded for each individual student.

  • Select the student from the Students tab, then go to the Time tab. From the Hours Type menu, choose Distance Learning. Select the name of the distance learning class. Enter the hours and click the Save button.

  • A maximum of 30 hours may be entered on any one day. When a student has more than 30 hours for the month, spread the time over as many days as necessary.

Option 2: Proxy hours may be recorded on the day they are earned. In this case, enter hours using the Classes>Attendance screen. See this help article: Taking Attendance.

For more information about Minnesota's Distance Learning option, check out this link:



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