One (1) month lockdown for entering time, tests

SiD limits how far back in time users can add, edit, or delete student attendance hours or tests. The data entry limit is called the 1 month lockdown.

Tests and NRS hours can be managed for the current month and one month prior. The 1 month lockdown period changes on the first day of each month.


  • In June, hours and tests can be added or changed if they are dated in June or May.
  • On July 1, hours and tests can be added or changed if they are dated in July or June.

The 1 month lockdown affects:

  • NRS contact, counseling, one-on-one, and distance learning hours. Non-NRS hours can be added, edited, or deleted without restriction.
  • NRS approved standardized tests, such as TABE, CASAS, and BEST Plus.


For help entering older time and tests, contact

Time Limit Note 1: ​To preserve ABE data after it has been reported, SiD Support staff will not enter time or tests once the contact hour or NRS program year data has been submitted. 

  • Once Table A has been submitted, SiD Support won't add/edit/delete student time dated before May 1.
  • After the NRS Program year report has been submitted, SiD Support won't alter time or tests dated before July 1.

Time Limit Note 2: There is a 5-year software limit on entering any NRS or non-NRS tests. This limit cannot be overridden by users or SiD Support staff.

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