Remove and/or Recover a Class

When you want to end a class but keep the enrollment and hours for reporting and program lists, you should close the class (give it an end date). Click here for instructions.

When you create a class by mistake, or want to scrap it and start over, remove the class. (Think of removing a class as wadding up a piece of paper, throwing it in the wastebasket, and starting over.)

Do not remove a class simply because the list of open and closed classes is getting long on the Classes tab. Instead, adjust the Active Dates on the Classes tab to show classes in a more narrow date range.

Remove a class

There is no way to permanently delete a class. Instead, you can remove the class, which hides the class, enrollment, and all hours associated with the class from all reporting and from program class lists. (If you decide later you want to see the class and all its people, you can recover the class.)

  1. Classes tab: Search for the class name; click the desired class row in the results.
  2. Classes > Summary: Select the Remove Class button below the summary panel on the left.
  3. Click the Remove Class button.

Recover a class

  1. Classes tab: Click the Recover a Class button below the list of class names.
  2. Recover screen: select the name of the class to be recovered. If it’s not visible, adjust the dates at the top of the screen so the desired class Start, End or Removal date is included in the date range. 
  3. After finding the correct class and selecting it, a confirmation screen will appear. Click Recover Class.
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