FAQ: show only open classes on the Classes tab

Q: The list of open and closed classes on the Classes tab is getting too long. How do I show only the classes that are currently open?

A: On the Classes tab, adjust the Active Dates to see only classes open between the dates you specify.


Change the Active Dates

  1. Go to the Classes tab.
  2. Type the desired first and last Active Dates.
  3. Click the blue Go button.

SiD will then display classes that were open to students on any day during the Active Dates range. 


  • To see classes open for the entire NRS Program year, set the first Active Date to 7/1/xx, and the second Active Date to 6/30/xx.
  • To see classes currently open, type today's date in the first and second Active Date boxes.

The Active Dates will remain the same until you change them again.

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