Classes Do Not Appear on the Hotline

Q: Some of our classes don't show up on the hotline. How can we fix that?

A: Below are some common reasons why your classes do not appear in a hotline search.
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Note: it can take up to an hour for SiD changes to classes or subsites to be reflected in hotline searches.

  1. Classes with a Student Hours Type of Distance Learning are excluded from the hotline. The Classes>Summary screen shows the Student Time type.
    Tip: use the Description box on the Hotline Display screen to let prospective students know you offer distance learning. Example: "Students have the option of in-person, online, or distance learning classes."220923_Hotline_Display_Description.jpg
  2. Make sure the class is currently running or will begin within the next 60 days. On the Classes>Summary tab, check the class Start and End Dates.

  3. Confirm that the class is assigned to the correct subsite and room. On the Classes>Summary screen, click the Edit button at the bottom left of the screen. Change the Room menu, which also includes the subsite name.

  4. On the Classes>Summary Edit screen, is there a checkmark in front of check the class "Do Not Display on Hotline?" If so, uncheck the box.
  1. MN Dept of Corrections subsites - and therefore classes - are automatically excluded from the ABE Hotline.

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