Subsite Doesn't Appear on the Hotline

Q: One of our subsites doesn't appear on the hotline. What's going on?

A: Here are some possible reasons why your subsite doesn't show up.

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1. The SiD subsite must have a complete address. On the Admin>Manage Subsites screen, select the desired subsite to see the edit box. Add the full street address of the building location.
NOTE: If the street address has extra symbols like hashtags (#), it may prevent the subsite from appearing on the hotline. Remove the extra character(s) from the street address and save changes to see if that fixes the problem.

The subsite must also have a blank or future hide date.

2. On the SiD Hotline Display screen, the Do Not Display (subsite) on Hotline box must be unchecked. Click on the Hotline tab in the blue band at the top of the screen. From the results, select the first subsite row to go to its Hotline Display screen.

3. Subsites will not appear on the hotline when

  • there are no classes linked to the subsite OR
  • all classes have been marked as Do Not Display (class) on Hotline.

If you believe there are current/future classes associated with a subsite, see this related troubleshooting article: Classes Do Not Appear on the Hotline

4. MN Dept of Corrections subsites are automatically excluded from the ABE Hotline.

5. On the Hotline tab, make sure the subsites to be displayed have a green dot.

  • Click on the Hotline tab in the blue band at the top of the screen.
  • On the Hotline Display screen, select the subsite row that isn't showing a green dot as it should.
  • Without making any changes, click Save.
  • On the Hotline Display screen, confirm that the subsite name has a green dot. 

Note: After updating a SiD subsite, there is often a delay of an hour before changes appear in hotline search results. Wait 60 mins and try your hotline search again. If your subsite is still missing from the hotline results, contact us at



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