Create, manage a DL class for TVM lessons

Note: This article is *not* for online instruction that happens real-time, while at a distance, using technology tools such as Zoom, FaceTime, etc. You'll find that here: Create an Online Learning Class

This article covers how to create and manage a special type of distance learning (DL) proxy class in SiD. Lessons used in this class have been verified by local staff who are certified in using the Teacher Verification Model (TVM). TVM is a way for MN ABE programs to count proxy hours for asynchronous lessons.

Users must have Admin level login privileges to add staff history items and create classes.

Best Practice: Create a separate class for each TVM certified teacher. When a teacher is using TVM lessons for more than one class, keep those classes separate, too.

Topics in this article:


Add a staff TVM certification history item

For TVM-certified teachers, be sure to add a history item to their staff record. A teacher must have TVM certification in order to give this type of DL lesson hours.

  1. From the Staff tab, select the desired teacher's row.
  2. Go to the Staff>History tab.
  3. In the form at the top of the screen:
    • Type the date the teacher completed TVM certification.
    • From the History Group menu, choose ABE Staff Training.
    • From the History Item menu, click Distance Learning TVM Certification.
  1. Click Save.


Class setup and attendance

  1. To create a class for TVM, follow the general guidelines for creating a distance learning proxy class. Two items of note:
    • Class name: include “TVM” in the class title, as in DL TVM XYZ Proxy Hours. Examples: DL TVM Advanced ELL Proxy Hours, or DL TVM GED SS/Sci Proxy Hours.
    • Distance Learning Program menu: choose Teacher Verified DL Lesson. DO NOT choose “teacher-created course” for TVM lessons.
  1. Enroll students into the new DL proxy class.
  2. Take attendance in SiD as you usually do for DL Proxy hours classes. Enter the proxy hours earned into SiD.


Confirm learners’ lesson completion

A TVM Lesson Log appears on SiD Classes>Summary screens. It is similar to the other printable attendance sheets.

  1. Select the desired class from the Classes tab.
  2. On the Classes>Summary screen, click the TVM Lesson Log link. The badge IDs and names of students in the class will appear on the page. 
  3. Download and/or print the TVM Lesson Log as an Excel spreadsheet or pdf. Use it to record your students’ completed TVM lessons, date completed, and proxy hours. You will still need to enter those proxy hours in the SiD DL class.


Links to more TVM Resources

This article, Teacher Verification Model: A New Pathway to Distance Learning, has links to resources about TVM. It appeared in the 3/8/21 edition of the ABE Connect newsletter.

Literacy MN has info on state and federal guidelines, and proxy hour and DL approval process. See Distance Learning: MN Policies and Procedures

For other questions related to distance learning, email


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