Pre-test Rules for Setting an Entry EFL

This article describes the conditions a test must meet to be able to set the Entry Educational Functioning Levels (Entry EFLs) used for NRS reporting.

  • A pre-test is the LAST test given in the previous program year* for each test family/subject. If no test was given in the previous year, the first test in the current year will be used.
  • Only standardized assessments that are currently approved by the Mn Dept of Education can be used as pre-tests to set an Entry EFL.
  • Students may have multiple pre-tests – one for each test family/subject – but only one will be used to set the Entry EFL. Any of the student’s valid pre-tests have the potential to be selected to set the Entry EFL.
  • Pre-tests for each test family/subject remain the same for the entire program year.
  • If a student drops a level on the post-test, the original pre-test level will be used.
  • On July 1 of each year, SiD updates the tests designated as pre-tests for the new program year.

*July 1 is the beginning of the NRS Program year. Screens in SiD and most federal reports, including the Level Gains and Post-Test Rates report, are based on this start date. May 1 is the beginning of the Contact Hours year. Table A reporting is based on this start date.

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