How Entry EFLs are Set for NRS reporting

Revised 11/22/19

This article describes how SiD sets the Entry Educational Functioning Levels (Entry EFLs) used for NRS reporting, e.g. Level Gains, MSGs, and Post-test Rates, Table A, and other reports.

In real life, students may be working at different levels in multiple subjects. For example, in reading they are at ESL 3 level, but ABE 1 in math. For reporting, each student must be assigned to a single level.

Each time a new test is entered for a student, SiD reviews the test history and identifies:

  • which valid pre-tests exist for the current year;
  • which pre-tests have a post-test; and
  • whether any pre-/post-test comparison shows a level gain.

Entry levels for Table A and Level Gain are decided at the moment you run the report. The entry EFL could change the next time you run the report if you have given additional tests.

When you run a report, SiD chooses ONE test to use as the entry EFL reported for the current year.

The order of preference:

  1. Tests WITH level gains.
    When a student has one or more gains, the pre-test with the lowest entry EFL will be selected from the pool of tests with level gains.
  2. Tests with NO level gains.
    When a student has no post-test showing gains, SiD will choose the pre-test family/subject with the lowest entry EFL.

When a student has a mix of tests, some with and without gains, SiD will always choose a test with a level gain.


Note: The EFL calculation was modified on 7/1/18 for the 18-19 NRS program year. The change affected students with multiple pretests, one of which is ABE Level 6, but no post-tests/level gains.

Before 7/1/18, there was no published ABE 6 target for level completion. These students were slotted into ABE 6 rather than their lowest subject.

Beginning 7/1/18, there is an ABE 6 target. Now these students are assigned to the level of their lowest subject. They are not counted as ABE 6 by default.


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