Add Non-NRS Student History Item

This article describes how to add a non-NRS student history item. 

A non-NRS history item is added when a person is not eligible for ABE services. Ineligible people must be marked with a non-NRS student history item. People with an active Non-NRS history item are not counted on Table A or any NRS tables. 


  • The non-NRS tag is in effect for the entire contact year (May 1-Apr 30) or NRS program year (Jul 1-Jun 30). It is not possible to "turn off" a student's non-NRS status in the middle of the year. 
  • The non-NRS tag is person specific. It is not site specific.
  • If another program shares the same student, a non-NRS history item in effect at your site will apply to all other sites they attend during the same year. NONE of the sites will be able to count ABE hours for the student.

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Add a non-NRS history row

  1. From the Students tab, choose the name of the desired student. Go to the History tab.
  2. Complete the student history form:
    • Effective Date: use the student's entry date.
    • History Group: choose Program - NRS.
    • History Item: choose Non-NRS.
    • Optional Status: If desired, select Set or Start.
    • Comments: If desired, write a sentence or two about why the student was given this tag.
  3. Click the Save button.


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