Intro: What is the Adult Literacy (ABE) Hotline?

Updated 1/3/2024

The ABE Hotline is a searchable website hosted by Literacy Minnesota. It directs potential students to the nearest MN ABE class. Class locations, local contact info, class types, times, and other service descriptions are provided.

The hotline search page is found at

SiD, the MnABE database, supplies the ABE locations and classes for the hotline. Information is updated in real time. When classes open or close, or location details are changed in SiD, they are immediately* reflected on the hotline. 
*Due to caching, there is a delay of up to an hour from the time changes are made in SiD until they appear on the hotline.

SiD users with admin level privileges maintain hotline details. Local programs can choose which ABE locations and classes to show in the search results.  





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