ABE Hotline - Part 2: SiD Input

This article describes how SiD data is used with the Adult Basic Education (ABE) Hotline. It also outlines maintenance expected of each ABE program and provides tips for updating hotline details.

Video version: ABE Hotline - Part 2: SiD Input

ABE locations

Each SiD ABE site has one or more subsites. Subsites are typically a building name, though they may be a town name in smaller areas. The hotline uses SiD subsite info to tell students where classes are located.

SiD screens

Several screens are available in SiD to handle ABE location specifics.

  • Hotline tab>Hotline Management – review subsite hotline status and contact info.
  • Hotline Display – control subsite/location names and visibility; view a map of the location; describe services; show classes providing selected content; and use links to edit subsite details.
  • Admin>Manage Sub Sites - add, edit, or hide existing subsites
  • Classes>Summary Edit - add or remove class content; control class visibility on the hotline.

Hotline maintenance: ABE site responsibility

ABE programs are in charge of setting up and maintaining subsites and classes so the hotline details are up to date.

  • Subsites: Add/edit subsite info on the Admin>Manage Subsites screen.
    • Make sure subsite address and contact info is current and complete.
    • Give a hide date to unused or discontinued subsites.
  • Classes: Edit class content on the Classes>Summary tab.
    • Label classes with the correct Start/End dates, days, and times.
    • Link classes to the correct subsite/room.
    • Use the checkbox to control whether the class should not be displayed on the hotline.
    • Confirm that class Hotline and State content are complete and accurate.
  •  Hotline Display: Review the following - 
    • The optional Alternate Name for Hotline is the commonly known building name. Carefully consider how people in your community refer to the building to help them find your classes. 
    • The subsite "Do Not Display on Hotline" checkbox is appropriately marked.
    • Description of services, accommodations, class content, and classes listed under the Class Summary section are correct.
    • The map correctly points to the subsite location.
    • Classes visible under the Classes Summary are open to the public.


Hotline Content Report

We have a SiD report that shows hotline settings for your ABE program. You'll find it on the Reports tab in the Lists for Students, Classes section. Look for the Class Summary: Hotline Content report.


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