Add Conditional Work Referral (CWR) History Item

This article gives a summary of Conditional Work Referral (CWR) and explains how to add a student history item.
CWR students are enrolled in special programming allowed by the MDE. They are working on basic technology, job seeking, or soft skills necessary for work. They do not need to improve core literacy (academic) skills.
See the full MDE definition and limitations:; select Conditional Work Referral from the policy list.
NOTE: Students may be working on CWR skills at one ABE site, but academic instruction at others. For reporting purposes, academic instruction always takes precedence over CWR instruction.
  • CWR students can earn up to 30 contact hours per NRS Program year.
  • CWR students are not required to pre-test. But testing is strongly recommended in case they move into academic instruction.
  • When a student moves from CWR to academic instruction, you must end or remove the CWR history item, whichever is appropriate. See End/Remove Conditional Work Referral History Item.

How CWR students are reported

  • CWR students are reported on MDE Table A. They are shown on a row separate from ABE/ESL students.
  • They have an active CWR history item in the current Contact Hours year (May-Apr). The CWR tag follows students when they enroll in more than one MN ABE program.
  • When a student has an active CWR tag, all hours earned at your site will appear on your Table A as CWR. It doesn't matter which ABE program added the CWR history item.

How to add a CWR history item for an individual student

  1. From the Students screen, select the desired student row.
  2. From the Students>Summary screen, click the History tab.
  3. Add a new history item using the form.
    - Set the Effective Date to the student’s intake date
    - Choose a history group of Program-State
    - Select a history item of Conditional Work Referral
    - Click the Save button.


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