End/Remove Conditional Work Referral (CWR) History Item

This article tells how to end or remove a Conditional Work Referral (CWR) student history item.

When a CWR student moves into academic instruction, two things need to happen.

  1. Students who do not have a valid test for setting an EFL must be tested.
  2. The CWR history item must be turned off. When this is done, students will no longer be counted as CWR for any ABE program for this year. Instead, the student will be assigned to the appropriate ABE or ESL level.

There are two options for turning off the CWR history item: END or REMOVE the CWR item.

  • END the CWR item when it was created in a PRIOR reporting year. The End Date should the last day of the prior reporting year, i.e. 4/30/XX.
  • REMOVE the CWR item only when it was created in the CURRENT reporting year

Any ABE program can end or remove a CWR item, even if your site did not create the original history item.

END the CWR item

  1. From the Students tab, select the name of the desired student. Go to the Students>History tab.
  2. From the history item rows, select the most recent Conditional Work Referral history item.
  3. On the Edit screen, type an End Date of 4/30/XX, e.g. 4/30/2019 for the end of the 18-19 Contact Hours year.
  4. Save changes.


A CWR row will appear in the student’s list of history items.

REMOVE the CWR item

The Remove CWR History tag DOES NOT appear in the Program-State History Item menu.

When a CWR history item was created in the current year, you cannot create an End Date in a prior year. (A history item End Date must be after its Effective Date.)

Also, you cannot assign an End Date which is the same as the Effective Date. If a CWR item was active for even one day in the reporting year, all hours are considered CWR hours for the entire year.

How to remove CWR

  1. From the Students tab, select the name of the desired student. Go to the Students>History tab.
  2. From the history item rows, select the CWR with an Effective Date in the current reporting year.
  3. On the Edit screen, click the Remove this History link and follow the prompts if you’re sure.
  4. Save changes.


What happens to CWR when you remove it

  • When the Remove This History command is used, the original CWR item will be erased, and will no longer show in the student history.
  • If your site DID NOT create the original CWR item and someone at your site removes it, a new row will appear, titled “Removed Conditional Work Referral”.
    The Effective Date is the date the CWR item created by another site was removed. An automatic Comment at the end of the line will read, “Removed by (name of the site removing the CWR history item).”

In the example below, Summit Academy OIC removed a CWR history item that they did not create. Summit now “owns” the Removed CWR history item. 190513_CWR_removed_shared_other_site.jpg

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