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This article describes features on the Home/Dashboard screen.

Currently Scheduled

This section shows the names of classes to which the person is currently assigned as a teacher, non-instructional staff, or volunteer. If a class has ended but the name still appears here, check to see that the person has been exited from the class.

Clicking the class name link will show the class attendance screen.
Note 1: the calendar defaults to today's date or the last date the class was open. Click on the actual date you wish to enter attendance.
Note 2: 
people with view-only SiD accounts cannot enter attendance.

Printable Attend and Sign In Sheet links connect with lists of people currently enrolled in the class.

Recently Scheduled

This heading appears when a teacher has been exited from a class. The class name will be visible for 2 weeks from the date of exit. After that point, the name of the class will disappear from the Dashboard.
Note: Once a teacher has been exited from a class, s/he will no longer be able to add student attendance or manage the class or its students.

Select Displayed Tests

This link goes to an edit screen that allows staff to choose which student assessments to display in menus. See more details here: Select Displayed Tests: Customize Your Test Menu


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