Add attendance on non-scheduled days

Serving students on non-class days should be a rare exception rather than the rule. One compelling reason: since class time cannot be entered on non-class days, it can be tricky to record student hours.

  • If students often attend on non-class days, consider changing the class schedule to reflect the actual days and times students are allowed to attend.

Add attendance on non-scheduled days

Option 1

Enter the non-class day hours as block time on the Students>Time tab. Those hours will be attached to the student, but they will not be credited to a specific class for monthly class attendance reports.

You need an Admin level login to hours on the Students>Time tab.

Option 2

Add the extra hours on a day when the class does meet. This method will not be dead-on accurate for the day when the student actually received instruction - and we're shooting for dead-on accurate.


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