Person Search: find/add person from statewide database

Staff must have a login role of Admin to use the Person Search feature.

SiD allows programs to share people (students, staff and volunteers) who may be attending more than one program, or who used to attend another program.

1. Start your search

To search the statewide system to find a person who may have attended (or worked/volunteered) at another ABE program in MN, click on the Person Search tab.

You will see a box for entering your search string (another name for "search terms").

To find a match with a person already in the system:

  • Enter up to 3 strings, or "chunks" of information.
  • Use a spacebar between strings.
  • Do not use hyphens, slashes, or other punctuation.

Search by any of the following combinations:


To search exactly for someone with the name Benjamin Johnson, type: Benjamin Johnson (2 "chunks")  

You may want to use partial info chunks in case another program used a shortened version of his name. Type: Ben Johnson

For best results, use partial names for a wider search. This will give more options case his name was spelled differently - Johnson with an "o" or Johnsen with an "e." Type: Ben Johns

If you know the birth year, you can narrow your search. Type: Ben Johnson 1990

2. Check the results for potential matches 

All people who match your search will be listed. The example below is for the "Ben Johns" search. 

Look at the Relationship column in the results.

  • When the student record already exists in your program, it will say "Student" (or Staff or Volunteer). Click the link to go to the person's record. Double-check details on the person's Summary screen to confirm that they are the same. If so, add info to the record that exists for your site. (You're now done with these Person Search instructions.)
  • When a potential match is in another MN ABE program, it will say "Not in site." Click the Not in Site link to see a new window with more info about the person.


Compare as many details as possible between the person you want to enter and the existing record from the search results. There may be slight differences due to data entry typos or other misinformation, but you should be very confident that you have found an exact match of your person.

To add the existing person to your site, click the appropriate "Add as Student (or Volunteer or Staff) to Site" button.

3. Update the person info and save

A screen will open with pre-filled information. Complete the form, updating NRS required fields, which are highlighted in pink. Some special notes:

  • Social Security Number: Most of the SSN is hidden to protect student confidentiality. If you have a SSN in hand, replace the zero with the complete SSN. If you don't have the SSN, leave the zero, which will keep the previous number.
  • To accept the existing student name, address, phone, or email, simply skip those boxes.
  • To update the existing student name, address, phone, or email,

    a. Click the Change Info box for the section you want to edit.
    b. Type over all boxes you want to keep, even if they will remain the same. Blue boxes are required fields when making changes.

Example: to add a more recent street address in the same city, click the New Address Change Info box. Then type over Street Address, City, and Zip Code, even if they will remain the same. (State defaults to MN.)


Scroll down and click the Save button.

4. What you'll see after you add a student to your site

The student's summary page will appear. The student's tests from their other program will be visible to you in your system.

In the example below, the red box highlights the hours since the test and the program where the test took place.  The Hours shows how many total hours since this test - in this example 20 hours.  The number in ( ) represents the subset of those total hours that were earned at another program - in this case 15.

This student has 20 hours since their last test, 15 of which took place at the other program.  Regardless of where the hours occurred, the total number of hours (20) will count towards the 40 hours needed to re-test.


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