FAQ: Why don't my staff / volunteers show on Table 7?

Q: I have created staff/volunteer records. Why don't their names show on Table 7?

A: There are a couple of possibilities.

Possibility 1: The Program-Entry/Exit Status history items do not show the staff/volunteer as active in your ABE program on specific dates:

  • Staff/Volunteers marked with a State Staff Type of "administrative," "counselor," or "paraprofessional" must have been an active staff/volunteer on October 1 of the report year.
  • Staff/Volunteers marked with a State Staff Type of "teacher" must have been active on at least one day in the report range.

Possibility 2: The Staff/Volunteer State Staff Type is marked as "Not Reportable." On the Staff/Volunteer>Summary screen, edit "Not Reportable" to the actual job function.

For more info, see: Staff and Volunteer Records for Table 7

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