Staff and Volunteer Records for Table 7

This article discusses the location of Staff/Volunteer items that appear on Table 7. While the wording below says "staff," the same info applies to volunteers, too.

NRS Table 7 counts staff and volunteers for NRS reporting purposes. Staff and volunteer info must correctly show active staff. View staff details on the Reports tab> Staff and Volunteers Reports section, Staff Information report.

Staff tab

Displays state staff type and hourly type. It also has an Active column, which is an informational marker that shows whether a staff person has been given a program exit date. NOTE: You cannot manually check or uncheck the Active box to indicate a staff person is no longer working with your program. Instead, see this article to learn how to deactivate staff.

Staff>Summary tab

The left side of the screen shows the state staff type and hourly type used on Table 7. Click the Edit button to update staff details.


Staff>History tab

For all staff: A Program-Entry/Exit Status> ENTRY item is automatically set when the staff record is created.

Be sure to add a Program-Entry/Exit Status> EXIT item when a staff person is no longer working with your program. (And don't forget to remove SiD login privileges, if any!)

For teachers only: make sure Staff Experience and Staff Certification history rows are completed.

NOTE: The ABE Staff Experience history item reflects the person's experience when they first began working in your ABE program. This date and selected item should not change over time.
Table 7 and other reports will AUTOMATICALLY calculate the number of years of experience for the report dates you enter.  DO NOT add a new ABE Staff Experience history item or edit the initial Effective Date. 





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