Assessments: what a green test name means

A green test family/subject means the student is ELIGIBLE to be re-tested.

There are three situations when a test may appear in green.

  1. The test is valid for this NRS Program year and the student has at least 40 hours since the last test. Re-test using an alternate test form.
  2. The test is not valid for this NRS Program year. In this situation, students do not need 40 hours before a re-test.
    When a test is no longer valid, it's usually because the test is too old. The Level Gain, Pre-Test EFL, and Max EFL field will be grayed out for the invalid test. Be sure to use an alternate test form for the next test.
  3. The student has an unused waiver for the 40 hour testing requirement on their Students>History tab. 




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