Waiver for 40-hour Testing Requirement

This article describes the 40 hour test waiver allowed by the NRS and MDE. It also details how to add the waiver to a student record.

Official MDE Policy Memo: From the Policy Memo section, click the link for "40-hour Waiver for Testing."

In most cases, academic students must have 40 hours of instruction between tests. The test waiver changes the required hours between tests from 40 to 12.

To activate the waiver, a history item must be added to the student record. This will allow a test to be entered before 40 hours have been recorded. Once a test has been given, the 40 hour requirement will be back in place for that test/subject.

Who qualifies for the test waiver

The waiver can ONLY be used when a student:

  • plans to exit the ABE program AND
  • has completed a course of study AND/OR
  • is ready to complete a secondary, college-ready, or occupational assessment or credential.

Examples of allowed courses

  • 12 hour Accuplacer prep course
  • 20 hour intensive GED prep course
  • 30 hour Commercial Drivers License prep course

IMPORTANT: The waiver history item must be created BEFORE a waivered test is administered and entered into SiD.

1. Create the waiver

You must have a SiD Admin level login to create the waiver. 

Students need only one test waiver history item per year. It will cover multiple test families/subjects.

  1. Select the desired student from the Students tab. Go to the Students>History tab.
  2. From the History Group menu, choose NRS/WIOA - 40hr Waiver.
  3. Select the appropriate reason for the waiver from the History Items menu.
  4. Type details in the Comments box as specified below.
    If you select "Student Exiting Program AND completing assessment or credential," your comment should include:
    (a) the ABE manager authorizing use of the waiver and
    (b) name of the secondary/college-ready/occupational assessment or credential.
    Example: "Approved by (manager name); will take (name of test/credential)"
    If you select "Student Exiting Program AND course is ending," your comment should include:
    (a) the ABE manager authorizing use of the waiver and
    (b) the name of the class that is ending.
    Example: "Approved by (manager name); (name of class) ended."
  5. Important! Review your selections and comment. After you click Save, you will not be able to edit or delete this history item. When you're ready, click Save.

On the Students>Summary and Assessment screens, SiD will change the test name font color from red to green after 12 (not 40) hours.

The next step is to administer and add the test to the student record. SiD will automatically create a history item for each exempt test family/subject. 



  • The waiver can be used one time for each test family/subject during the NRS program year.
  • The waiver will automatically be applied to the next test in each test family/subject - even if a student had 40+ hours. Waivers can't be "saved up" or applied to the test of your choice.
  • Once the waiver has been used for entering a test, the 40 hour rule is back in place for that test/subject.
  • If unused, the test waiver history item will expire at the end of the NRS program year (June 30).
  • Data on waiver use will be added to the Desk Audit and state monitoring.
  • Users cannot:
    • edit the date of the exempted test without triggering a 40 hr error message
    • edit or remove the test waiver history item
    • create a waiver for all students in a class at once

Contact the SiD support team - - for help recording the waiver in SiD.


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