Table A: Manage CWR history item

This article talks about the Conditional Work Referral (CWR) line on Table A, the MDE's Contact Hours year report.

For NRS reporting, academic instruction is more desirable than CWR instruction. If a student moves from CWR to academics, get rid of the CWR tag and test the student to get an educational functioning level.

Here's how CWR students and hours are selected to appear on Table A: SiD looks on the Students>History tab for State Program/Conditional Work Referral items. If the CWR history item was in effect on the Table A report Start Date (i.e. 5/1/XX), the student will appear on the Table A CWR line.

Special Note
: 19-20 Table A1 uses a report Start Date of 3/14/19. The Table A1 CWR line will show students with a CWR history item in effect on 3/14/19.

The CWR tag follows students when they are shared with other MN ABE programs. When another site marks a student as CWR, all ABE/ESL hours earned at your site will appear on your Table A as CWR. It doesn't matter which program originally added the CWR history item. 

How to manage students on the Table A CWR line:
  • Students who took only a CWR class during the contact hour year AND have 30 or fewer hours can stay on the CWR line.
  • Remove or end the CWR history item when students have 30+ hours or move into academic instruction. Students will no longer be counted as CWR for any ABE program for this year. After dealing with the CWR tag, test students if necessary. They will be assigned to the appropriate ABE or ESL row on Table A.  
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