Standard Adult Diploma Portfolio Submission

Use the Adult Diploma screens for students who have created a portfolio for the Minnesota Standard Adult High School Diploma. Once you submit a draft transcript and the submission form in SiD, MDE will be notified to begin the review process of the student portfolio.

  • Your ABE program must participate in Adult Diploma training to offer the Standard Adult High School diploma. If your program has not been through training, do not use these screens.
  • Only staff with an Admin level login can complete the adult diploma forms. 

One-time adult diploma location setup

On the Admin tab> Manage Adult Diploma Locations screen, add adult diploma locations (one-time setup for each location).

Complete diploma submission forms

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  1. Select the desired student. Click the Students>Adult Diploma tab.
  2. From each menu, select the competency measure. The menu shading will turn green when the measure is successfully saved.
    To change an item prior to submission, select another measure or select the name of the measure itself, e.g. -Number Sense Measures-.
  3. Add a supporting evidence for all competencies except Employability & Career Skills>Self-management. The same evidence can be uploaded for multiple competencies. 
    See Adult Diploma: Uploaded Evidence Guidelines.
    • To upload a supporting document: Click the folder link above the competency, select the appropriate document, and Open.
    • To add a comment: Click the pencil, type your message or URL for online documents, and Submit. Submitted comments cannot be edited, but they can be deleted.
  4. When all competencies have been completed, a Submit to MDE button appears. Click the button to move to the next submission form.
  5. Complete the submission form fields as they apply. If your program is uploading the student's supporting documents to Learner Web (rather than using SiD exclusively), provide the Learner Web ID and Class. Click the Submit to MDE button.
  6. The Students>Adult Diploma screen now shows a static, uneditable version of the submission form. The submission date is on the top right of the screen.200116_submitted_completion.jpg
  7. When you click the Submit to MDE button, an email will automatically be sent to the MDE so they are aware of the submission.

If you notice a mistake on the submission form after it is sent, contact MDE staff immediately.

Watch for MDE action

The results of the MDE review - pass/no pass and comments - will appear on the top of the Students>AdultDiploma tab.

For non-passers, local staff can make changes and resubmit the request.

Once the student has passed, click the links to run and print the official diploma certificate or transcript.


An automated history item will be created on the Students>History screen.


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