Add, Edit COVID ESL/ABE EFL Estimates

This article describes how to temporarily assign a provisional entry Educational Functioning Level (EFL) for students who are unable to take NRS-approved pre-tests during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The National Reporting System (NRS) is now allowing programs to specify a provisional ESL or ABE entry level for NRS reporting. For students that you cannot test and do not have a valid pre-test, create a “COVID ESL/ABE EFL Estimate.” These options are in the menu of available tests on the Classes>Assessment and Students>Assessment tabs. 

When an EFL Estimate test is entered into the student record, your program will be able to record 12+ contact and proxy hours for the student. The student may also be counted on NRS tables.

Important Notes:

  • Urban Planet added the COVID ESL/ABE Estimate EFL tests to SiD. Your program should NOT enter them as a site-specific tests.
  • Staff must have a SiD Admin level login to edit or delete tests on a student record.
  • For MDE guidance on setting a provisional level, go to, and select "Statement Regarding COVID-Related Exemptions to NRS Testing and Temporarily Lifting 12-Hour Restriction for Students without a Pre-Test (June 11, 2020)."

Make COVID ESL/ABE EFL Estimates available in your Test menu

SiD users who enter test scores (not just each program, but each SiD user) must select the COVID tests to make them appear in their Test menu. 

On any student record, go to the Students>Assessment screen. Click the Test menu.

  • If you can see the COVID ESL and ABE EFL Estimate tests, you have already taken care of this one-time requirement and added the tests to your Test menu. You can add COVID tests to student records.
  • If the COVID tests DO NOT appear in the Test menu, follow the instructions found in the SiD Help article, Select Displayed Tests: Customize Your Test Menu.


Assign a NEW Covid ESL/ABE EFL Estimate

  1. Log in to SiD.
  2. On the Students>Assessment or Classes>Assessment screen,
    - Select the appropriate Covid ESL or ABE EFL Estimate from the Test menu*.
    - Use a Test Date of 5/1/20 or later.
    - In the Primary Score field, enter a number from 1 to 6 - the number
       that corresponds to the student's ESL or ABE entry level.
  3. Click Add Assessment.
    *If you don't see the tests in your Test menu, see Select Displayed Tests: Customize Your Test Menu.


Edit an EFL Estimate test

Tip! To find students with a COVID assessment, go to the Reports menu. From the Outcome Reports section, choose and run the COVID Exemption EFL Test List report.

  1. Log in to SiD with an Admin level login.
  2. On the Students tab, locate and select the desired student.
  3. On the Students>Assessment screen, select the desired COVID EFL Estimate test. 
  4. On the Edit screen that appears, edit the Test* and/or Primary Score.
  5. Save changes.
    *If you don't see the tests in your Test menu, see Select Displayed Tests: Customize Your Test Menu.

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