Add or Edit Contact Preference

The Contact Preference menu tells how a student or volunteer wants to be contacted by the ABE program – by mail, phone, email, or text. This article describes how to manage this optional feature.

A person's Contact Preference is displayed on their Summary screen.

Add a Contact Preference for a new student, volunteer

Choose a Contact Preference when you create a new person record from scratch, add from Person Search, or use the Student Re-Entry screen for returning students.

Each of these screens has a Contact Preference menu. Simply select the person's choice from the menu.



Edit a Contact Preference

You can easily change a Contact Preference for an existing student or volunteer.

  1. Select the desired student or volunteer to go to the person's Summary screen.
  2. Click the blue Edit button on the bottom left, below the demographics section.
  3. On the Edit screen, locate the Contact Preference menu; make your selection, and Save.
  4. Confirm the change on the Summary screen.


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