FAQ: SiD account confirmation email doesn't arrive

Q: I sent the SiD email confirmation to my new staff person. He never received it in his email in box. What happened to it?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee account confirmation emails will go through. They can be stopped by the Internet Service Provider (ISP), by email security filters, or delivered to the user’s spam folder rather than their in box.


  • Look for typos in the email address you're sending to.
  • Use a school district or agency email address for SiD accounts. 
  • Ask the staff person check their email spam folder.
  • Re-send the confirmation email from the Staff>Accounts screen.
  • Contact your IT department for help. If an email doesn’t arrive as expected, they can backtrack to see if the email was stopped before it reached the user.  They also have the ability to add the SiD sender address to the district’s internal safe senders list. Note: even when our email is on the safe senders list, we’ve had to be re-added to the safe sender list after a local security update is done.
  • If none of these options works, contact us at


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