Change student badge ID (MN Corrections only)

This article describes how to change the SiD-generated badge ID to a MN Dept of Corrections (DOC) offender ID (OID). This feature is only available to staff logged in to the MN DOC SiD site.

Change the badge ID after creating a new student or adding a shared student via Person Search.

Badge IDs are site-specific. Non-DOC ABE programs that share your student will NOT see any changes to the badge ID at their site.

How to change the student badge ID

Before beginning, make sure you know the person's OID.

  1. From the Students tab, find and select the desired student.
  2. On the Students>Summary screen, click the Change Badge ID link.
  3. In the form that appears, type the OID in the box. Then click the Save button.
  4. On the Students>Summary screen, check to make sure the new badge ID appears at the top of the page.



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