Set up your SiD account for the first time

This article tells how to activate your new SiD account and create a password.

Your user account must be created by someone at your ABE site with SiD Admin level privileges. As part of the process, they will send you an account confirmation email. It will be sent to the address used to set up your account in SiD - usually your work email.

IMPORTANT: you have about a 48-hour window from the time the account setup email is sent to your email account before it expires. In that time, you must confirm your MABE (SiD) account and set up a password. If you miss the window or the link doesn't work, contact the person who set up your user account in SiD.

Activate your SiD account

  1. In your email Inbox, look for the confirmation email. 
    If it doesn't appear, check your spam folder. If it's still not there, contact the person who set up the user account in SiD. 
  2. Open the email, and click the "here" link. You will be prompted to set up a password.
  3. After typing and re-typing your password, click the Set Password button.
  4. You will be redirected to the SID login screen. In the Email box, type the email address where you received the confirmation email - again, probably your work email. Complete the password box. Then click the Log In button.
  5. Delete the confirmation email from your In box. Once the password is set up the first time, the email link will no longer work.

Always be sure to log out of SiD when you're done with your session. The Log Out link is on the lower right hand of the screen.

Log in to SiD after your account is set up

The next time you want to open SiD, go to the log in screen, found at

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