FAQ: What Does a "No Valid Test" Error Mean?

Q: I tried to enter student time, but I get an error message that says "Student has no valid NRS test." But there IS a valid test on the student record for this NRS year. What's up?

A: This issue likely has to do with the 12 hour lockdown for students with no EFL.

SiD expects events like entering hours and tests to be recorded in SiD in the order they occurred. There is one situation when SiD will refuse to allow you to enter time even when you have a valid test.

  1. The student had no valid test on July 1 of the current NRS year; AND
  2. There are 12 or more attendance hours total for the current year (before and after the valid test was given); AND
  3. You're trying to enter hours BEFORE the first valid test was given for the year.

Here's an example. This student was tested on July 15, 2019. The data entry staff is trying to add 1.5 hours on July 8, before the test was given. SiD is giving the error, "Student has no Valid NRS Test."


The fix: You cannot override the error. We can add the time for you behind the scenes. Just send a request to Tell us the student badge/name, attendance date, times, and hours.

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