Hotline Orientation

This article describes how SiD data is used with the Adult Basic Education Hotline.


The ABE Hotline is a searchable internet website hosted by the Minn. Literacy Council (MLC). It directs potential students to the nearest MN ABE class. Class locations, local contact info, class types, times, and other service descriptions are provided.


SiD, the MnABE database, provides the ABE locations and classes for the hotline. Information is updated in real time. When classes open or close, or location details are changed in SiD, they are immediately reflected on the hotline. 

SiD users with admin level privileges maintain hotline details. Local programs can choose which ABE locations and classes to show in the search results.  

ABE Locations

Each SiD ABE site has one or more subsites. Subsites are typically a building name, though they may be a town name in smaller areas.

The hotline uses SiD subsite info to tell students where classes are located.

SiD Screens

Several screens are available in SiD to handle ABE location specifics.

  • Hotline tab>Hotline Management – review subsite hotline status and contact info.
  • Hotline Display – control subsite/location names and visibility; view a map of the location; describe services; show classes providing selected content; and use link to edit subsite details.
  • Admin>Manage Sub Sites - add, edit, or hide existing subsites
  • Classes>Summary Edit - add or remove class content; control class visibility on the hotline.

ABE Site Responsibility

Subsites - Add/edit subsite info on the Admin>Manage Subsites screen

  • Address and contact info is current and complete.
  • Unused or discontinued subsites have been given a hide date.

Hotline Display

  • Descriptions of services and class content are current.
  • Classes visible under the Classes Summary are open to the public.
  • The map correctly points to the subsite location.
  • Subsites that should not be displayed on the hotline have been marked on the Hotline Display screen.

ClassesEdit class content on the Classes>Summary tab

  • Classes are labeled with the correct Start/End dates, days, and times.
  • Classes are linked to the correct subsite/room.
  • Class content is complete and accurate.
  • Classes that should not be displayed on the hotline have been marked.


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