Underage students

This article describes how SiD identifies and reports students who are under age 17.

Although not best practice, underage people can be entered into SiD.

How age is calculated in SiD

For reporting purposes, SiD determines a student's age based on the date attendance hours are first entered on the student record.

Counting and reporting hours for underage students

  • If attendance hours are recorded for a student while s/he is below age 17, NONE of the hours count for state and federal funding for the year. This includes hours earned after s/he turns 17. These students will be excluded from Table A, NRS tables, and many SiD reports.
  • If attendance hours are not recorded for a student until s/he is age 17, the hours WILL count for state and federal funding and reporting.

Finding underage students

From the Reports tab> Data Cleanup Reports section run the Desk Audit report. Students under age 17 will appear on the first page of the report in a table titled "Age < 17."

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