Site 5 Year Attendance report: too few hours

This article has a couple of FAQs about the Site 5 Year Attendance report.

Q1: When I run the 5 year report for each subsite and add them together, they do not equal the total when All Subsites is selected. What's up?

If your program has any student hours not associated with a class (block time), the subsite totals will not add up to the All Subsites total.

In SiD, classes are associated with subsites. When student hours are not linked to a class, they cannot be linked to a specific subsite.

When you run the report with All Subsites selected, all student hours, whether associated with a class or not, will appear.

Q2: Many hours from the past 5 years, including this year, have suddenly gone missing. What is going on?


  • a class was unintentionally removed. To fix, restore the class and hours will reappear.
  • the report date range is set incorrectly. To fix, edit the report Start and End dates.


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