FAQ: Table A, 5Yr Comparison reports don't match

Q: When I run Table A and the 5 Year Comparison reports, the total hours don't match.

A: One possibility is that some students have a non-NRS history item.

Hours for non-NRS students:

  • DO NOT appear on Table A.
  • DO appear on the 5 Year Comparison report

To confirm:

  1. Run Table A. Note the total number of hours.
  2. Run the 5 Year Comparison report. Note the total number of hours.
  3. Find the difference between the totals on the 2 reports.
  4. Run the Reports tab> Data Cleanup Reports section, Student History Items report, set up like this when searching for a specific subsite.Sauk_studenthistory_non-NRS.jpg
  5. Export the report to Excel. That makes it much easier to add the hours together. The result should be the same as the number in step 3. There may be a slight difference due to rounding. That's OK.

There are other possible reasons. If you have questions, contact us at


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