SiD Knowledge Gaps (FAQs) - Mar 2019 webinar

This webinar was presented by Urban Planet staff on 3/19/19.

Target audience

  • Data entry staff with admin level SiD account access
  • Staff with teacher level SiD access who monitor their own class data.


  • Monthly data cleanup 
    • Best practices
    • Other ABE program processes
  • New program year: manage classes
    • Close multi-year classes 6/30
    • Duplicate existing classes
  • Common user questions - FAQs
    • Forgotten Password
    • Remove Login Account
    • New Account: problems with confirmation email
    • Classes tab: Active dates
    • Classes tab: Teacher names
  • Worth a mention
    • Log report
    • Career Interest history group
    • GED match update
    • May/June Table A testing donut hole
    • Expiring NRS tests



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