"Testing Donut Hole:" Students with No Level, May/June '19 Special Instructions

This article describes the "testing donut hole," which occurs when there is a conflict between CONTACT HOURS year and PROGRAM year dates.

It is a good idea to regularly check for students with no entry Educational Functioning Level (EFL). This is especially true during May and June. We started a new Contact Hour year (May 1 – April 30), but are still in the previous NRS Program year (July 1-June 30). This creates a mismatch, which may mean that a student’s last test is expired for the new Contact Hours year, but is still allowable for the Program year, which hasn’t yet ended.

  • Table A is based on the Contact Hours year (May-Apr).
  • SiD screens and assessment history reports are based on the NRS Program year (July-June).
  • The 12-month test lookback date for the new Contact Hours year (5/1/19-4/30/20) is now July 1, 2018.
  • For the 18-19 Program year, the 12-month test lookback is still July 1, 2017. It will change to July 1, 2018, for the next Program year on July 1, 2019.

Since SiD screens are based on the Program year, you cannot enter post-tests for students with tests after 7/1/2017 unless they also have 40 hours.

In other words, during May and June 2019, the test lookback is 7/1/2018 for the Contact Hours year, and 7/1/2017 for the Program year.

Find students with no level, pinpoint any with donut hole tests

  1. Make sure your attendance is up to date.
  2. From the Reports> Attendance Reports section, select Table A (or the “No EFL” Report). Use a Start Date of 5/1/2019, and End date of 4/30/2020; view report.
  3. Click the plus + to open the None (No EFL) row.
  • If no students are listed, all of your students have valid tests for the 19-20 Contact Hours year. Stop here.
  • When student names appear, click on the badge ID of the first student to go to their student record. Continue with the instructions.
  1. On the Students>Summary screen, look at the tests in the Last Test in Subject box.
  • When no test is listed, test the student now.
  • When a test name is in green type, re-test the student now‡. Use an alternate form from the last test.
  • When a test name is in red type, the student has fewer than 40 hours since the last test*. These are donut hole tests and need priority attention. Click on the Students>Assessment tab to see more information about this student’s testing. You will likely see information like this:
    a. Name of test is in red type.
    b. Last test in the test family/subject taken before 7/1/2018.
    c. Fewer than 40 hours since the last test.

There’s no need to freak out! Few students fall into the donut hole. But you do want to test those who are attending now before they disappear.

Dealing with May/June students whose tests appear in red type

For each student in this situation, determine the scenario, and look at the following solutions:


If none of these options are workable, contact for other possible solutions.

‡Green type means students are eligible to test. It does not mean students must be retested in all test families (e.g. CASAS and TABE) and all subjects in which they are eligible.

*The number of hours between tests appears on the Students>Assessment screen. This is not the same as the number of hours on Table A, which shows student attendance since May 1.

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