FAQ - Desk Audit: Update Education Level

The following scenario is very common. It occurs when, after a long absence, former students return in the middle of the NRS program year.


When I run the Desk Audit report, one student comes up with an "unknown" education level. When I checked the Students>History screen, his most recent Education Level shows something different. What am I doing wrong?


By default, the Desk Audit report Start Date is set to July 1 of the current NRS program year. The report shows history items in effect on the report Start Date

In the example below, the Education Level "Unknown" was in effect on 7/1/18, the first day of the 18-19 NRS program year. The Secondary School Equivalent update didn't occur until mid-November.


It's possible to force the more recent history item to appear on the Desk Audit report (and NRS reports).

  1. On the Students>History screen, select the Education row with the latest history item.
  2. Edit the Effective Date to July 1 of the current NRS program year.
  3. Save changes.

Here's how to edit the Effective Date to show Secondary School Equivalent for the 18-19 NRS year:


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