FAQ - Desk Audit: Education Completed "Unknown"

The following scenario is very common. It occurs when, after a long absence, former students return in the middle of the NRS program year.

Q: When I run the Desk Audit report, one student comes up with an Unknown education completed. On his Students>History screen, the most recent Education Completed shows an entry other than Unknown. Why is the student still showing up as Unknown on this table?

A: By default, the Desk Audit report Start Date is set to July 1 of the current NRS program year. When the report is run, SiD shows items in effect on the report Start Date (July 1, unless you change it).

In the example below, the Education Completed Unknown was in effect on 7/1/19, the first day of the 19-20 NRS program year. The Grades 9-12 (no diploma) selection went into effect on 9/5/2019.


Here's how to edit the Effective Date of the more recent entry so Unknown is no longer in effect on July 1.

  1. On the Students>History screen, select the Education Completed row with the latest history item.
  2. Edit the Effective Date to July 1 of the current NRS program year.
  3. Save changes.

Once this change is made, the student will no longer appear 


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