Data Entry & Reporting Deadlines

Data entry deadlines: 

  • June 1: May-April data (for contact hours reporting to the MDE)
  • Aug 1: July-June data (for federal NRS reporting to the MDE)
  • Nov 1: July-Sept data
  • Feb 1: Oct-Dec data
  • May 1: Jan-March data

Reporting deadlines:

June 1:

  • All prior contact hours year (May-April) data complete
  • Programs submit Tables A, A1*, Table B, Table 7, and Table 13 reports via SERVS
    * Table A1 is required for the 19-20 Contact Hours year due to service disruption caused by Covid 19. Run Table A for a date range of 3/14/19 to 3/13/20.

Aug 1:

  • All prior Federal year (July-June) data complete
  • Programs email Level Gains and NRS Primary Goals reports to Cherie at the MDE
  • MDE pulls and matches data

Nov 1: MDE pulls and matches data

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