Create new student from scratch

This article explains how to create a new student record from scratch. 

Users must have Admin level privileges to create a new student record.


Before creating a new record from scratch, always use Person Search first. This will confirm that the student does not have a SiD student, staff, or volunteer record anywhere in the MN ABE database.

How to create a new student record when none exists

  1. On the Person Search tab, click the blue New Student button. The Create A Student screen will appear.
  2. Complete the required NRS data elements. They are either highlighted in red or symbolized by a red "thumbs down"  - which will become a green "thumbs up" when data is entered.
  3. Complete other fields as required by your local program. Speak to your manager about filling in other fields, such as County of Residence, Country of Birth, etc.

See examples below for more details. For help with terms, see Add/Create a Student: Field Definitions.

For students in correctional facilities: 

  • Street address: leave blank
  • City: city name where the facility is located
  • Do not use the correctional facility email and phone.

Complete the Create New Student form






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