Manage former students, Student Re-entry

This article describes how to manage SiD records for returning ABE students. It also notes when to use the Student Re-entry button.

Note: always add to an existing record rather than creating a new record for the same person. 

Do a Person Search

In the results, look to see if the returning student was enrolled at sites other than your own.

- When you find a potential match from another site:

Do not use the Student Re-entry button/form. Instead, update student details when you add the student to your site.

  1. Confirm the student's identity by clicking on the Not in Site relationship link.
  2. Add matching records to your site. Use the Add as Student to Your Site button.
  3. Complete the Add form by adding new or updating details.
  4. Use Person Merge to combine the multiple records for the same student into a single record. See instructions here: Merging People Records
  5. Check the Students>Assessment screen to see if the student needs to be tested now.

The former student is re-entered and ready to go. 

- When you do not find a matching record from another site:

Use the Student Re-entry button/form.

  1. Click the "Student" relationship link in the Person Search results. You will be redirected to the Students>Summary screen already entered at your site.
  2. Review current NRS history items in the green shaded NRS box.
  3. Click the blue Student Re-entry button in the bottom left corner. Update or add new student info. (See details below.)
  4. On the Students>History screen, give an End date to any NRS items that no longer apply.
  5. Check the Students>Assessment screen to see if the student needs to be tested now.

Complete the Student Re-entry form






Click the Save button.

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