Troubleshooting Webinar Audio

Follow these instructions to fix audio issues with Go To Training web or desktop app.

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Having trouble hearing the webinar? Try these suggestions for the web app that runs through your browser.

  • Chrome is the preferred browser.
  • Make sure your computer sound is turned up/not muted.
  • If you have external speakers, are they turned on with the volume up?
  • Do you have a headset or headphones plugged in, preventing you from hearing unless you’re wearing them?

Option 1: Leave the web app session and log in again.

  1. Leave the session by clicking on the Exit button on the Go To Training toolbar.
  2. Use the Join button in the confirmation email, or saved to your calendar.

Option 2: Switch to the GoToTraining desktop version

If you joined a session using the web app, you can easily switch to the desktop app during a session.

  1. Look for the daisy icon at the top of the toolbar. If the Switch to desktop version link is not visible, click the daisy icon.
  2. Click Switch to the desktop version. The download will begin immediately.

If you do not see the option to switch to the desktop app, your computer may be running an operating system that is not supported by the desktop app, so you will be unable to switch.


Click here if you're having trouble downloading the desktop app.

Option 3:   Switch audio modes (computer vs. phone)

Under the Control tab>Settings icon, choose your audio preference.


Computer audio: use your computer’s mic and speakers using VoIP (phone service through your internet connection).

  • Requires Google Chrome.
  • Click the Test Your Sound link.
  • If you can’t hear, can you choose a different speaker system?

Phone call: dial in using a telephone to hear the audio. Follow the prompts to enter the access code and audio pin.

Best practices for using a phone:

  • Enter your Audio PIN.
  • Don’t use speakerphone.
  • Turn off call waiting.
  • Turn off your hold music.



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