FAQ - Desk Audit: US-born students w/ Non-US Ed Location

This article tells how to correct student history when a student is marked as U.S.-born, but has a Non-U.S. Education Location.

  • Not all students in this Desk Audit table need to be changed. See the notes below.
  • The table will not show ALL student records incorrectly marked as Non-U.S. Ed Location. It shows only those with a suspicious mismatch with the student's U.S.-born data.

Three types of student may appear on this table:

  1. Students born in the U.S., but educated outside the U.S.
  2. Students incorrectly marked as Non-U.S. Education because of a typo.
  3. Students attended a MN ABE program before July 2016.

Students born in the U.S., but educated outside the U.S.

It's fine for these students to appear on the Desk Audit report. You may want to add a comment to the Education Location history item on the student record, noting that you've verified this unusual situation with the student.190517_non-us_ed_loc_legit_commenti.jpg

Students incorrectly marked as Non-U.S. Ed Location

If student records were incorrectly marked with an Non-U.S. Ed Location, they should be updated. Follow the instructions below.

Students attended a MN ABE program before July 2016

When SiD went online in 2016, many imported student records did not have an Education Location selected. Those records were brought into SiD with a default "Non-U.S. Education" item. If the student was educated in the U.S., follow the instructions below to correct the Ed Location.

How to change Non-U.S. Education Location to U.S. Ed Location

The fix below will remove the student from the Missing Info page on the Desk Audit report.

  1. From the Reports tab, Data Cleanup Reports section, click the Desk Audit report.
  2. On page 1 of the report, Look for the "US-born w/non-US Education Location" table.
  3. Click the + (plus) sign to show student names. Click the name/badge ID of a student.
  4. Go to the Students>History tab. Note whether the student is shared.
  5. Locate and select the most recent Education Location row.

    >If the student is SHARED or has more than one Ed Location row, edit the Effective Date of the most recent item to the first day of the current NRS Program year, e.g. 7/1/18. Save changes.

    >If the student is NOT SHARED, click the Remove this History button; save changes.
    Then create a new Education Location>US Education history item.
    For the Effective Date, use the date the student was added to your site.



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